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Baby car seat available on request at THB. 200
Speedboat Taxi to Phi Phi


 Tiger Kingdom, Let's  Play With Tigers

Call Ms. On +66620679779 She will demonstrate how to make a big noise from her bare hands.

Speed Boat Taxi
Taxi from phuket airport to rassada pier,taxi from airport To Visit Panwa  taxi from phuket to Khao Lak, Khao Sok, Ao Nang, Samui, Don Sak, Suratthani, Koh Tao, Ranong, Taxi from Phuket Airport to Phi Phi
Minibus from phuket to Khaolak, KhaoSok,  Ao nang, Donsak, Koh Tao, Ranong, Suratthani, Bangkok.
Taxi Cab to Koh Lanta, Krabi Private taxi To Airport Minibus From Airport To Hotel Kata ,Karon , Patong , Chalong , Private House ,In Phuket , Krabi , Aonang Khao Lak , Ranong , Suratthani 
 Taxi to Koh Phayam
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Sea Taxi (Speedboat) FROM PHUKET TO PHI PHI ISLANDS, Lanta ,Available Now.

Taxi from Mai Khao to Rassada Pier, Taxi from Khao Lak to Rassada Pier,                             

Taxi from Phuket to Khaolak Ramada Khaolak,Casa De La Flora,Beyond Resort Khaolak,

JW.Mariott Khaolak,Khaolak Resort and Spa, Khaolak Bhandari, Apsara Beachfront Resort and Spa,

The Sand Khaolak by Kata Thani,NangThong Bay Resort,Sentido Graceland, Pullman Khaolak.

Taxi From Phuket to Centara Grand Beach, Aonang Villa, Krabi Resort, Phranang Inn, IBIS style Krabi


Taxi Reservation Need Minimum. 30Minute. in Advance.

Metering is applied with Surcharge THB.100.

Taxi To Rassada Pier Taxi To Visit Panwa pier 

For other Destinations on the Mainland, the fare is officially set flat rate ; eg. TAXI   to Khao Lak,  Krabi (Ao-Nang, Rai Lay), Khao Sok, Koh Samui, Koh Pha Ngan  (Donsak), Koh Lanta, Ranong-(Koh Payam),Hat Yai, Koh Tao, Hua Hin,and Bangkok.Minibus from Phuket to Bangkok.

 RENTAL TAXI CAR, Sedan Car, Van and Minibus with Driver + Fuel  availableTHB 350 Per Hour ( Minimum Charge 3hrs.THB 1,200 )

  Phuket City Tours  THB.300 Per hour ( Minimum Charge 3 hrs.THB 1,200 ) 

Phuket Islands Map CLICK
# From


1-3 Px.


1-10 Px.

1 Phuket Airport PHUKET TOWN CENTER / Central Festival 600 790
2 Phuket Airport RASSADA PIER ( To Phi Phi  , Ao Nang , Lanta )
600 800
3 Phuket Airport Visit Panwa Pier ( To Phi Phi ) 750 900
4 Phuket Airport CHALONG PIER (To Raya, Coral Island) 750 900
5 Phuket Airport PATONG 750 900
6 Phuket Airport KATA / KARON
850 1,190
7 Phuket Airport Panwa Cape 790 1000
8 Phuket Airport RAWAI / NAI HARN / SAI YUAN
890 1,200
9 Phuket Airport Laguna 600 790
10 Phuket Airport Surin Beach 650 780
11 Phuket Airport Kamala 690


12 Phuket Airport  Bang Rong Pier  ( To Koh Yao Noi )
500 720
13 Phuket Airport KHAO LAK / Phang Nga Town 1,490 2,490
14 Phuket Airport Koh Ko - Khao 1,890 2,790
15 Phuket Airport AO NANG / KHAO SOK / KRABI
2,500 3,100
16 Phuket Airport RANONG / Koh PhaYam 4,490 5500
17 Phuket Airport Surat Thani Town 3,990 5,500
18 Phuket Airport KOH SAMUI, KOH PHA NGAN ,Don Sak Pier 4,490 5500
19 Phuket Airport Koh Tao / Chumphon 5,390 7,690
20 Phuket Airport Koh Lanta


21 Phuket Airport Bangkok 12,000


Phuket sightseeing ::

> Muay Thai / Thai Boxing; Phuket Town every Friday Once a week at 20.00 pm.

> Muay Thai / Thai Boxing; Bangla Muay Thai, every Wed., Fri., Sun. 20.30 pm.

>Cabaret show 90 mn. THB.650 per person, See Video on youtube CLICK HERE

>Elephant ridding 30 mn. THB 500 per person,

>Shooting range 10 bullets THB. 650,

>Big Buddah Free entrance,

>Chalong Temple Free entrance,

>Monkey show THB. 350 per person,

>Snake Show THB. 350 per person.

>Boat ticket to Phi Phi THB.350 per person, free transfer from Patong, Kata.

> Week-end Night Market started from 16:00 every Sat. & Sunday. 

> Tiger Kingdom / Phuket Zoo / Baan Teelangka / Phuket Trickeye.

> Phuket Fantasea 

> Good Phuket massages, Thai massage, o il massage, foot massage.

 Private Speed Boat Taxi ( Sea Taxi) To Phi Phi , Ao Nang, Rai Ley.
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Boat time, Boat Schedule To Koh PHAYAM, Ranong, CLICK HERE

Phuket City Tours, Phuket Sightseeing, Click on each photo below to enlarge the image.

Speed boat Taxi Phuket, Phi Phi
Route # Destinations

2 -4 Pax.

1X200 Hp.

2 - 8 Pax.

2X150 Hp.

2 -15 Pax.

2X200 Hp.

S1 Speed Boat Phuket to Phi Phi (50 mn.) 
12,500 17,500


S2 Speed Boat Phuket to Lanta (80 mn.)
20,500 26,500 29,000
S3 Speed Boat Phuket to Ao Nang (80 mn.) 20,500 26,500 29,000
Speed Boat Phi Phi to Phuket (50 mn.)
11,500 17,000 21,000

Speed Boat Phi Phi to LanTa  (45 mn.)    

9,500 14,500



Speed Boat Phi Phi to Ao Nang (40 mn.) 

11,000 14,500 17,000
 S7 Speed Boat Phi Phi to Krabi (40 mn.) 
11,000 14,500 17,000
S8 Speed Boat Phi Phi to KOH JUM (30 mn.)
9,500 12,500 15,500
S9 Speed Boat Krabi to Phi Phi (40 mn.)
11,000 14,500 17,000
Speed Boat Phi Phi to Koh Yao Noi(60 mn.)
13,000 16,500 19,000
S11 Speed Boat Phi Phi to Koh Yao Yai, Santiya (55 mn.) 12,000 15,500 18,000
L12 Long tail Boat Phi Phi to KOH JUM 3,900 5,500 N/A
Speedboat Taxi from Phuket to Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort THB. 9,500 Per boat
Phuket Ferry to Phi Phi, Lanta, Ao nang, Railey, The prices below are real net price,NO HIDDEN ADDITIONAL +++ , Service Charge, Taxes, Booking Fee.
Take 2 minutes, Easy, Click On The Route Number.
Route From Phuket
Destination STD STA Adult


4-11 yrs.

R1 Phuket(Rassada)
 Phi Phi (Ton Sai)
09:00Stop 11:00


490 Ferry Boat 
R2 Phuket (Rassada)  Phi Phi (Ton Sai)
09:00 10:00
  800 600 

 Phuket  (Rassada Pier)

 Phi Phi (Ton Sai)
14:00 15:00    800 800 Speed Boat

Phuket (Rassada)

 Phi Phi (Ton Sai)
13:30Stop 15:30    
Ferry Boat

Phuket  (Rassada Pier )

 Phi Phi (Ton Sai)
14:00Stop 15:45     
Ferry Boat

Phuket (Rassada)

  Phi Phi (Laem Tong) 8:30 10:00    800  600 Speed Boat
R7  Phuket (Rassada) Phi Phi (Laem Tong)
13:30Stop 16:30      Ferry Boat

Phuket (Rassada)

Lanta (Saladan)      



    Ferry Boat
R9 Phuket (Rassada) Lanta (Saladan) 8:30Stop 10:00   1490   990  990    Speedboat 
 R10 Phuket (Rassada)  Lipe (Pattaya Beach)  8:30Stop 15;30 2700    1900
R11 Phuket (Rassada)  Koh Ngai  Resort 8:30Stop 11:10
1120001  Speedboat
R12 Phuket (Rassada)  AoNang(Nopparat) 8:30Stop
10:30       Ferry Boat
R13  Phuket (Rassada)  Rai Lay

       Ferry Boat
R14 Phuket (Rassada)

Krabi Town Vai Phi Phi 

9;00 15;30


Ferry Boat 

     Speed Boat

Speed Boat
# From Phi Phi
To STD STA Adult Child   
P17  Phi Phi (Ton Sai)
 Phuket (Rassada) 08:30 09:30  800  600 Speed Boat
P18  Phi Phi (Ton Sai) Phuket (Rassada) 15:00 16:00 800  600  Speed Boat

 Phi Phi (Ton Sai)  PP

 Phuket (Rassada) 13:30Stop 14:30  
P20   Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP  Phuket (Rassada Pier) 14:00Stop 15:45     Ferry Boat
 Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP  Phuket (Rassada) 14:30 17:00 590 490 Ferry Boat

Phi Phi (Laem Tong)

  Phuket (Rassada) 7:00Stop 11:00

Ferry Boat

Phi Phi (Laem Tong)

 Phuket (Rassada) 13:00Stop 16:30
  Ferry Boat
P24 Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP  Lanta (Saladan) 9:30Stop 10:00

P25  Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP  Lipe (Pattaya Beach) 9:30Stop 14:00
P26  Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP  Langkawi (M'Sia) 9:30Stop 18:30

P27  Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP  Lanta(Saladan) 11:30Stop 12:30

Ferry Boat
P28  Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP   Lanta (Saladan) Stop 16:30
  Ferry Boat
P29  Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP  Ao Nang (Nopparat) 15:30Stop 17:00
  Ferry Boat
P30  Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP  Rai Lay 15:30Stop 16:45  
Ferry Boat
P31 Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP Krabi (Jilad) 9:00Stop 10:45     Ferry Boat
P32 Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP Krabi (Jilad) 10:30Stop 12:15
    Ferry Boat
P33 Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP Krabi (Jilad) 13:30Stop 15:15     Ferry Boat
P34 Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP Krabi (Jilad) 15:00Stop 16:45     Ferry Boat
# From Lanta To STD STA Adult Child Vessel
 Lanta (Saladan) Lipe (Pattaya Beach) 11:00Stop 14:00      Speedboat
 Lanta (Saladan)  Langkawi (M'Sia) 11:00Stop 18:30

Lanta (Saladan) Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP 8:00Stop 9:00

Ferry Boat

Lanta (Saladan)  

 Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP Stop 14:00

Ferry Boat
 Lanta (Saladan)  Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP 13:00Stop 13:30
  Lanta (Saladan)  Phuket (Rassada) 13:00Stop 14:30 1490      990 Speedboat
L41 Lanta (Saladan) Krabi (Jilad) 8:30Stop 10:30

Ferry Boat
L42 Lanta (Saladan) Ao Nang (Nopparat) 13:30Stop 15:30

Ferry Boat
L43 Lanta (Saladan)  Rai Lay 13:30Stop 15:15

Ferry Boat
# From Ao Nang
To STD STA Adult Child Vessel
Ao Nang, Railey
Phuket (Rassada) 15:00Stop 17:30

Ferry Boat
Ao Nang (Nopparat)
Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP 9:30Stop 11:30

Ferry Boat
Ao Nang (Nopparat)
Lanta (Saladan) 10:30Stop 12:45

Ferry Boat
Rai Lay  Lanta (Saladan) 10:45Stop 12:45

Ferry Boat
# From Krabi To STD STA Adult Child Vessel
Krabi (Jilad)
Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP 9:00Stop 10:45

Ferry Boat
Krabi (Jilad) Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP 10:30Stop 12:15

Ferry Boat
Krabi (Jilad) Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP 13:30Stop 15:15

Ferry Boat
Krabi (Jilad) Phi Phi (Ton Sai) PP 15:00Stop 16:45

Ferry Boat
Krabi (Jilad)  Lanta (Saladan) 11:30Stop 13:30

Ferry Boat
 NOTE : Child Age Limit definition : 3 - 11 years old ( from document) / By visual : Height : 120 cms. Or 47"

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